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Electric Vehicle Charging


The purpose of this policy is to promote efficient charging behavior on campus so that all electric vehicle (and plug-in hybrid) drivers are able to utilize the chargers to their fullest extent. With a policy in place and enforced by the University, squatting decreases and utilization of chargers by visitors and commuters are maximized. This maximization of the ability of the chargers to service multiple users helps to decrease range anxiety, meaning the anxiety electric vehicle owners feel when they do not think they will be able to make it to their desired destination without a charge.

The intent of this policy is to provide an infrastructure on campus that is welcoming to alternative transportation, especially transportation via electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. Previously, the chargers were often used by only one vehicle per day, as there was no incentive and no policy requiring vehicle owners to relocate once they have finished charging. This is a concept known as “squatting”.

This policy applies to all electric vehicle owners that park and charge at a baby直播app University owned electric vehicle charger. Any person that utilizes the electric vehicle chargers, whether they are a member of the baby直播app University community, or a visitor to campus, will be subject to the policy and must adhere to it.

General Usage Rules

All users of the electric vehicle chargers located on baby直播app University's Chicago Campus will be subject to the rules and requirements of usage below.

  • Safety: Please remember to charge your vehicle safely. All electric vehicle charger users must wrap up and store charging cords properly when not in use.
  • Preferred Users: Preference for charging is given to fully electric vehicles over plug-in hybrids. Internal combustion vehicles as well as non-plug-in hybrids are not permitted to park in a parking spot designated with an electric vehicle charger.
  • Fair Charging: If your car does not require a charge to reach your end destination, do not use a charger. This ensures that the chargers are available to those that need the charge to make it to their end destination without using fossil fuels.
  • Yield to Signage: All drivers must adhere to the signage that is posted near the electric vehicle chargers. Failure to do so may result in fines as outlined within this policy.
  • Parking Fee: All applicable parking fees apply for access to the garages.

Charger Usage - Time Limits and Fees

All students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the University are able to access and utilize the electric vehicle chargers. Outlined below are the time limits and fees associated with using the electric vehicle chargers on campus. All applicable parking fee charges apply in order to access the chargers.

  • Three hours of gratuitous charging are offered. After three hours the vehicle owner must remove their car from the charger and the parking space that is designated to the charger.
  • If the charger is not removed from the vehicle after the three hours of gratuitous charging, $3.25 per hour is charged to the electric vehicle owner via the charger itself.

Impeding Utilization of Chargers

A $40.00 fee for unlawfully parking in or blocking an electric vehicle charging spot is consistent with violation fees that are being enforced at baby直播app University.

In this case, "unlawfully parking in an electric vehicle charging spot" means a) parking an internal combustion engine vehicle in the spot, b) parking an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid in the spot and not utilizing the electric vehicle charger, and/or c) parking in a way that blocks or impedes other drivers from being able to utilize the electric vehicle charger.

Consequences of Violating this Policy

The consequences for violating this policy are the charging fees that are automated through the charger itself. Once an electric vehicle owner remains charging for longer than the three hour time limit, the charger will begin to charge the electric vehicle owner $3.25 per hour for the duration of time that the vehicle continues to charge.

When a vehicle is blocking or impeding the use of an electric vehicle charger (definition above), Parking Services, University Police, or garage management may issue a ticket to the vehicle owner for the amount of $40.00.